ReVanced Manager

ReVanced Manager is no longer being updated, and a recent Google notice suspended all of its activities, which may mean the app will not work. The app might not function because Vanced Manager is no longer being updated and a recent Google notice suspends all of its activities.

ReVanced Manager

However, it may continue to work on some Android-based devices. Thankfully, this misfortune sparked the creation of a brand-new, passionate team’s ReVanced Manager, which enhances and blocks advertisements on YouTube in addition to other apps like TikTok, YT Music, Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, and Twitter. We’ll examine today why ReVanced Manager is a good substitute for the formerly well-liked Vanaced Manager app.

What is a ReVanced Manager?

YouTube ReVanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app for Android. It builds on the popular but now-defunct YouTube Vanced project. It offers all the core features of Vanced like background playback and ad blocking. But it also provides many additional customizations like hiding channel watermarks, bypassing Premium prompts, and more.

You can receive updates and messages from developers ahead of others if you install ReVanced Manager on your device. This is an extremely user-friendly open-source project that includes all the necessary patch files in the APK. With ReVanced Manager, all you need to do is download the desired app’s .apk file. From there, you can easily apply patches to the app with a few clicks. ReVanced Manager also lets you patch original apps, expanding its value beyond ReVanced apps.

Revanced Manager Download


Patch Multiple Apps

The days of needing to download specific mods for Android apps are long gone. You can patch several apps with the ReVanced Manager, including Spotify, Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube Music, and more. Select the application that needs to be patched, make the required adjustments, and then unwind while the ReVanced Manager takes care of the rest.

Ads Free

You may be wondering if there will be advertisements within the app if you think this is a free download. But let me make it clear that, in contrast to Youtube ReVanced, which was made with the help of this app, this application is completely free of advertisements.

Premium Logo Design

The app’s logo branding on the home screen is the only indicator as to whether you’re using the free or paid edition.  You can add premium logo branding to your homepage and access most of the premium features in these social applications with the patcher.


Here’s where you can select compatible apps and fixes. Updates to popular apps are made available by developers. In the future, developers plan to release more apps.


Forget about updates. The new app, ReVanced Manager, is operating perfectly. Regular updates will be sent to you straight through the app. Furthermore, ReVanced Manager provides access to all ReVanced app updates.

Dark Theme

Your eye comfort is the ReVanced manager’s highest priority, which is why this app has a dark mode. Turning on dark mode makes the text white and the background black, which helps to ease eye strain.


ReVanced Manager operates similarly to a department store. Having all you need under one roof saves you both money and time. You can patch multiple apps on a single platform with it. Take your time and explore all that the app has to offer you right now.


How do I use ReVanced Manager?

ReVanced Manager is easy to use and doesn’t require much explanation. For easy patching, adhere to the instructions provided in this article.

Is there an iOS version of ReVanced Manager?

Not at all; at this time, ReVanced Manager is exclusive to Android users. As far as we are aware, users of the iOS platform are only able to download apps from the App Store and no other external sources. You cannot install it on iOS for this reason.

Can I use ReVanced Manager to patch YouTube?

Indeed, why not? The first app that you can patch using this application is YouTube. In fact, this application also patches YouTube ReVanced, which is currently the most popular YouTube mod.

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