ReVanced Tiktok

ReVanced TikTok is a modified version of the official TikTok app that offers users more customization options, removes ads, and supports background playback. It offers many of the same features as the well-known YouTube ReVanced app, on which it is based.

revanced tiktok

Since the TikTok ReVanced version is merely one of many variations that have been created, the features it offers are essentially unavoidable. You might be able to find some options on the TikTok app store pages and leave comments requesting them to be added, but you’re not getting them in the end. You can download any brief video with ReVanced’s ability to function even with restricted videos and regions. It is also free of ads.

What is a ReVanced Tiktok?

ReVanced TikTok is a modified version of TikTok that offers more features to users. TikTok is a very large platform based only on short videos. Based on the content and creators available on the platform, if you think it’s the best place for short videos,. After seeing TikTok’s generational additions, even the most well-known applications altered their viewpoint and added new features like short videos and reels.

However, when we don’t get the desired bright sides, everything turns dark.  The ability to download videos, search for videos by sliding them like Instagram, adjust playback speed to your preferred setting, and modify the location where downloaded TikTok videos are saved are some of the app’s positive aspects.

ReVanced Tiktok


Custom Playback speed

TikTok does not provide a way to adjust the video’s playback speed while it is playing brief videos. Many people who enjoy short videos are drawn to the quick and small bursts of entertainment that TikTok videos offer, but they are unable to commit the time to watch the longer videos.

Download Restricted Videos

You may watch enormous regional creators making infatuating videos for you in TikTok’s vast video library. However, the majority of those videos sound restricted when we try to download them to the local storage on our phones. Furthermore, there isn’t a paid plan available to get those videos downloaded legally.

Personal download Links

Typically, when you use TikTok’s offline download option, the video is saved to a download path that you specify inside the TikTok folder. Many users would like to have an additional option to alter the download path to a custom path where they would like to store those videos.

Watermark Removable From edits.

The most popular app for creating and editing videos is TikTok, which offers an abundance of features that aren’t even available on Instagram or Snapchat. The TikTok watermark that appears on every video in the official app, however, is a problem. The patched version, in contrast to that one, allows you to instantly remove the watermark from your edits.

Log in with a Google account.

Users of TikTok have the option to register and sign in using Twitter, Facebook, Google, and email. You’ll be happy to hear that the patched version also lets you use your Google login to access all of your favorite videos and live streams that you’ve saved.

No Ads

Ads irritate you. You must download and use Revanced TikTok on your Android device if you also want to remove TikTok ads. You won’t see any advertisements on any of the videos that you play on Revanced TikTok.


In short, it shows that you have the TikTok ReVanced app installed on your phone if we are speaking right now. It follows that you can now download all of those blocked videos, stream them for free without commercials, and use the search bar in every one of them. I promise that this app will make you feel even more loved than the TikTok app that is officially available on your phone.


What is ReVanced TikTok?

ReVanced TikTok is a modified version of the official TikTok app that offers users more customization options, removes ads, and supports background playback.

Is ReVanced TikTok secure ?

Yes, Revanced TikTok on your device is safe and secure.

Is it free to use ReVanced TikTok?

Indeed, there is no cost associated with using this app. It is free to download and is free to use Revanced TikTok.

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