ReVanced MicroG

ReVanced MicroG is an Android application that allows users to access and utilize YouTube ReVanced, YT Music, and other services. It is a fork of the GmsCore project developed by MicroG.

ReVanced MicroG

Due to legal concerns, YouTube Vanced was shut down, depriving many users of their favorite streaming service. For those impacted by the discontinuation, we continue to make available the official YouTube ReVanced APK. An updated version of the original microG, known as the ReVanced MicroG APK, enables users to access YouTube premium services without requiring a Google account.

It also offers extra adjusted settings to improve the streaming experience and permits users to access their YouTube accounts without risking security. The same flexibility and user-friendly features as the original microG are available with this ReVanced substitute.

What is a ReVanced microG?

ReVanced MicroG allows you to access YouTube ReVanced and other sites by logging in with your Google Account identification. Installing microG and downloading Vanced Manager is required by YouTube Vanced in order to access YouTube Premium services with or without Google authentication. Since the new ReVanced microG APK is a framework that lets YouTube ReVanced run on your Android device with or without a Google account, it operates on the same principles as the Vanced version.

However, you can still log in to your YouTube subscriptions, channels, and other saved preferences using the ReVanced microG without jeopardizing the security of your account. To put it briefly, you can utilize all of YouTube’s free and paid features, as well as extra customized settings that improve your streaming experience, without having to pay for anything or jeopardize your account.

Revanced MicroG APK Download


Anti Ban

Google may suspend accounts that are found to be using third-party APIs on its platforms, including Google Play Services, as they are not permitted to be used there. ReVanced MicroG APK, on the other hand, comes with integrated anti-ban techniques that shield your account from being discovered by servers while you use the app, significantly lowering the likelihood of suspension and granting you free, unrestricted access to advanced features not found in the basic version.

Use Google Account to login

With the YouTube ReVanced APK, users can stream videos without commercial breaks and sponsor segments, in addition to enjoying free access to other premium features without requiring a Google account. But a Google account is needed to access some features, like saved content, subscribed channels, liked video access, and other YouTube preferences.

Complete Privacy

Because microG doesn’t track your location or activities on your device like Google Play Services does, users can use the app without worrying about their data being compromised. Furthermore, microG makes it simple for users to modify particular API settings without compromising their streaming experience.

Multiple Accounts

You are able to control and login with multiple accounts. GmsCore and standard Google Play Services are extremely similar.


All MicroG for ReVanced app forks are available as open sources. Users can examine the source code by visiting the corresponding GitHub forks.

Notifications and Privacy

Users who value their privacy can limit the amount of data sent to Google. Thus, it is evidently superior to the standard login procedures.

With the app, you can subscribe to recommendations, get notified when YouTubers upload new videos, and much more.


Up until its demise, we all believed that YouTube Vanced was the independent answer to YouTube Premium’s monopoly-like control over the app’s basic version. ReVanced microG can assist you in achieving this goal. YouTube ReVanced has demonstrated remarkable ability to restore the experience that Vanced created in the streaming world. Grab the newest version of microG to take advantage of all your streaming options on YouTube Premium for free.


What is ReVanced MicroG?

A fork of MicroG’s GmsCore implementation, ReVanced MicroG is designed to function with ReVanced YouTube and other applications.

Is MicroG required to use ReVanced?

You cannot, I repeat. Before installing YouTube/Music ReVanced, you must install Vanced/ReVanced MicroG.

Is ReVanced MicroG necessary for rooted Android devices?

Not necessary. since ReVanced apps make extensive use of Google Play services.

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